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We specialise in service design, digital user experiences, systems oriented design and design for safety critical environments

Halogen’s clients

Our portfolio is wide-ranging and includes some of Norway’s largest and most exciting technology and innovation companies, such as Statoil, Kongsberg Gruppen, Hydro, DNV GL, Telenor and Statkraft.

We also have extensive experience with consumer-oriented enterprises, such as Gyldendal, Fjordland, Tine, Block Watne and the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet.

In the public sector, our clients include the Ministry of Health and Care Services, Østfold Hospital, Oslo Municipality and the Norwegian Directory for Children, Youth and Family Affairs.

Our history

Halogen was established in 2000, and we've been working on digital solutions ever since the beginning. To start with, we concentrated mainly on websites, but after a while we saw that the designers’ methods also applied to bigger and more complex operations and systems. We learned more about human/machine interaction and human factors – and we began to specialise in designing safety critical environments, for example in the defence and energy sectors.

Service and experience design is also one of our specialities. In addition to gaining substantional practical expertice, we wish to help strengthen the academic status of the field. We currently employ one designer with a completed PhD, and two more who are working on their doctoral degrees. We have also established one of the country’s leading teams of systems-oriented designers, working on some extensive and highly complex challenges in both the public and private sectors.

Halogen today consists of approximately 60 highly qualified workers. We are located in Oslo and Stavanger, with one designer based in Berlin.

Even though Halogen has changed a great deal during its 18 years of existence, we are still very much digital; almost without exception, all our projects have a digital dimension. The speed of digitalisation means that our world is ever-changing, and our disciplines tend to merge into each other.

The digital evolution is so rapid that tomorrow’s technology can make yesterday’s solutions redundant. No matter what happens, Halogen’s core expertise will ensure that our services remain relevant and that we keep on developing solutions that make a difference: We put people first – always.