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Do you want to become a Halogenian?

We're always looking for good designers within UX, interaction, graphic/digital, systems and services.

At Halogen, we are specialised in design for safety critical environments, systems oriented service design projects, digitalisation and excellent user experiences across physical and digital surroundings.

Some of the societal challenges we face today, are highly complex. No matter how big and complicated a project is, we always keep in mind that at the end of the day, we’re solving problems for people. We are very engaged in technology and digitalisation, but all our work circle around human needs.

We live of curiosity

A Halogenian need to have a clear attitude toward the complexity of the design field. You must be curious, engage in finding holistic connections, like people, be triggered by cross-disciplinary work, take responsibility and be eager to make things happen. We work closely with all our clients, and seek to find solutions with them, rather than for them. Client surveys show that Halogen’s best feature is that we understand people – and thus appreciating what problems they need our help to solve.

The borders between the different design disciplines are floating. A graphic designer at Halogen must be curious about user insight, and a systems oriented designer must be able to work visually. We don’t offer our designers as single consultants, but rather solve problems in strong, cross disciplinary groups. At Halogen, no-one is to be left alone with their challenges. One of our most important values is save a colleague.

Continuous professional development and celebration of the design field

Through the development programme Halo+, the Halogenians get to attend courses and participate in project to expand their competencies. We run courses in safety critical designs, rhetoric for designers and design anthropology. In addition, everyone can suggest their own projects for exploration and professional growth.

In November, we host the festival Change by Design. The event gathers leading design thinkers from all over the world. Change by Design is an inspiring and educational day, celebrating the modern design field. The day culminates in a big party, Halogen style.

Our social environment is a result of us being a highly engaged, quite nerdy gang with many ongoing projects both at work and privately. We arrange many social and professional events, parties, we have a fancy dress week in June and enjoy a home cooked lunch together every day.

Send your application to jobb@halogen.no with your CV, portfolio and whether you would like to work in Oslo or Stavanger (or both).