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Design for Digital Channels

Digital products and services are our specialty. However, whenever we design new solutions, we always include the whole user experience, regardless of channel or media.

Most products and services have a digital dimension, and the border between the digital and physical experience is not clear. We assist our clients in developing relevant and engaging digital solutions that meet user needs and help the organisation achieve its goal, independently of media and channels.

Our methodology is always centred around the users. We involve real users early in the design process to thoroughly understand the context, their preferences and their needs. The goal is to create the best user experiences possible – digitally or physically.

Halogen’s employees are experts in digital storytelling. Together with our clients, we develop concepts and content that communicate effectively in a variety of channels.

We have extensive experience in designing websites for campaigns, companies and e-commerce. Halogen has also created intranets and co-operative solutions for some of Norway’s largest companies and organisations. We also develop digital strategies in close collaboration with our customers. Our designers and advisors are experts in social media, digital campaigns, day-to-day operations, training and digital performance measurement.

For more information, please contact

Heidi Bakken
Studio Manager

+47 41 47 98 20