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Service Design

To design services and systems that work well for the actual users, we need to understand the service from the user’s perspective and comprehend the totality of the user journey.

The purpose of service design is to make services useful, user friendly, attractive and efficient. To deliver relevant services and solutions, we work by these five principles:

  • User-centric
  • Co-creating
  • Holistic
  • Visual
  • Tested

Service design and user journeys

At Halogen, we use the service design approach to map user journeys and contact points across different channels and media. We explore where your customers or users meet your organisation, and how they experience this encounter.

What physical products are presented to the users? How do they use your websites? Are they in contact with customer service? How do you communicate?

By asking questions like these, and many more, we gain an insight into how your users currently interact with your services. Then we develop future customer journeys and look at opportunities for other contact points and for new, value-adding services.

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