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Systems Oriented Design

Systems oriented design (SOD) is a methodology for understanding relations and totalities in large and complex systems, enabling us to reveal the right problems and find better solutions.

Both public and private sector systems are growing as a result of higher demands for efficiency, safety and quality. Simultaneously, digitalisation leads to new ways of cooperating and handling data. All in all, organisations and systems are increasingly complex.

In a system with hundreds of employees and thousands of users, surrounded by a jungle of stakeholders, it can be challenging to identify and locate the actual causes of a problem. Systems oriented design helps us to understand the totality and map potential pains and gains. Instead of seeing a problem in isolation, the designers will seek to understand its actual context. Maybe the problem at hand is merely a symptom of something that is wrong in a completely different place in the system?

By using the methods of systems oriented design, for example giga maps, our designers can help you to manage complexity, enabling you to better understand challenges and consequences.

Systems oriented design is about taking the user’s perspective whilst understanding the importance of elements such as the economy, safety, culture, ethics, sustainability, legislation and technology.

If you want to know more about systems oriented design, visit systemsorienteddesign.net.

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