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Turning waste into value

In a collaboration between Aquaressurs and Halogen, a systemic approach to sustainability has revealed a vast potential for innovation.

The fish farming industry is expected to grow dramatically over the next 30 years, but its own waste is suffocating the growth potential. The sector needs a clear ambition for sustainable development.

Through a systemic design process, Halogen has helped the company Aquaressrus identify key areas where the company can intervene to enable sustainable growth and innovation.

One area relates to unlocking new value in the system, and has a large potential impact on the fish farming industry: managing and utilising sludge.

Sludge from fish farms sinks to the bottom of the ocean and harms the ecosystem. But if collected and managed well, the sludge can become a meaningful resource in another value chain.

As a result of the project, Aquaressurs is diving deeper into the question of how they could innovate by combining relevant value chains in the sector to utilise the waste.

"I believe this could revolutionise the future of marine food production."

Lillian Olsen
CEO, Halogen

Design on policy level

A second area relates to innovation on a much larger level. Using systems-oriented design, we found several shared problems among multiple businesses and governments involved in fish farming. We then facilitated a process to explore common goals and new business models in a sustainable future.

Policy design, meaning systemic service design on policy level, is significant because it lets businesses such as Aquaressurs actively take charge of their own future, rather than sitting back and waiting for government regulations.

The project demonstrates a problem on an industry-wide or even societal level, which is really hard to tackle from the vantage point of a single business. Through systems oriented design, Halogen has been able to unlock completely new ways of innovating that have really changed the way Aquaressurs look at the future.

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