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In Ålgård outside of Stavanger, there are now self-driving busses on the roads. Through the EU-project Fabulos, Halogen is a part of piloting this entirely new transportation service.

How do autonomous busses work when they are both driving through peaceful countryside as well as heavily trafficked urban surroundings, with a lot of cars, bikes and pedestrians? How do the citizens welcome this new service? Which technological possibilities and challenges emerges?

These are some of the questions that we are working to answer in the EU-funded Future Automated Bus Urban Level Operation Systems (FABULOS) project. Together with Mobility Forus, Space Labs and Rambøll, Halogen has launched a public transportation service/alternative consisting of two self-driving busses that take travellers from Ålgård city center to the bathing spot by Fjermestadvatnet - an area in Gjesdal municipality with limited public transport alternatives. The solution will also be tested in Helmond in the Netherlands during the fall of 2020.

«I have received a lot of positive feedback on the welcoming appearance of the autonomous busses. The children in the area connect with the design», the mayor of Gjesdal municipality, Frode Fjeldsbø announced at the opening of this new public transport service.

The service also includes HentMeg-biler (CollectMe cars) and is a part of the travel planning tools from public transportation providers Entur and Kolumbus. This makes it an integrated part of the public transportation service.

Halogen has facilitated the process through all the stages, and contributed with service design, concept development, counselling, graphic design and web design. We have edited and designed the meeting points of the service, with the goal of making the service a well-functioning and including experience for the general public, with special attention to the youngest travellers.

For more information, please contact

Leif Verdu-Isachsen
Head of Design and Deliveries
+47 90 91 99 21