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Strategic collaboration with User-Oriented Industry Giant

Halogen is proud to have collaborated with Norsk Hydro ASA since 2001. Together, we have created concepts and solutions leading to great results.

With 35,000 employees in 40 countries, Norsk Hydro ASA is a global Norwegian giant with great societal impact. Since 2001, Halogen has assisted Hydro in developing web pages, intranet, digital strategies, campaigns, and analysis.

All the work Halogen has conducted with Hydro has been based on solid insights, putting the user front and center. In 2013–2015 Halogen worked on Hydro's intranet to ensure that it worked well for all employees located within 40 different countries. By speaking with users directly and observing them throughout their workday we were able to unveil their actual needs.

The value of first-hand knowledge about what the users need on different continents has proven to be highly valuable. The new intranet is a great success and was awarded best user experience and content management by Intra.NET awards in Berlin 2017. More important is the fact that the intranet was well received by Hydro’s employees and that it works as intended.

Taking Hydro.com into the future

Thorough insight was the foundation when Halogen assisted Hydro in redesigning the company’s main web page, www.hydro.com, both in 2010 and 2015. In addition to the international main page, which exists in four languages, we developed sub-pages for different countries and business areas.

Through interaction design, digital design, front-end development, and counseling, Halogen and Hydro have designed the web pages step by step as user needs have been changed by digitalisation, and technology has opened up new possibilities.

In the spring of 2018, Halogen won the bid for developing Hydro.com further.

Rich content concepts and effective campaigns

In addition to insight and design projects, Halogen has worked on developing concepts and contents together with Hydro.

In 2013, we delivered the content concept «How it’s made», explaining Hydro’s operations to the general public. Halogen was involved in the whole process, both design, editorial decisions and content production.

«Renew by Hydro» is a collection of different content aiming to create inspiration and discussions about renewable resources and sustainability. The same year, Hydro’s industry adventure in Rjukan, Telemark, was made a part of Unesco’s World Heritage List, and we contributed with a web solution presenting the exciting story.

Halogen has also assisted Hydro in numerous campaigns to attract new talent. The campaigns ran across websites, social media, and other channels – and resulted in an increase of several hundred applications per year.

Rike innholdskonsepter og effektive kampanjer

I tillegg til innsikts- og designprosjekter, har Halogen jobbet med utvikling av konsepter og innhold sammen med Hydro.

I 2013 leverte vi innholdskonseptet «How it’s made», som forklarer allmennheten hva Hydros virksomhet går ut på. Halogen var involvert i alle deler av prosessen, både design og redaksjonelle valg og produksjoner.

«Renew by Hydro» er en base med forskjellig innhold som skal åpne opp for inspirasjon og diskusjon rundt fornyelse og bærekraft. Samme år ble Hydros industrieventyr på Rjukan en del av Unescos verdensarvliste, og vi bisto med en nettløsning som presenterer den spennende historien.

Halogen har også bistått Hydro i en rekke kampanjer, for eksempel knyttet til rekruttering. Kampanjene gikk på tvers av nettsteder, sosiale medier og andre kanaler – og ga en økning på flere hundre søknader per år.

For more information, please contact

Leif Verdu-Isachsen
Head of Design and Deliveries
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