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Designers and decision makers make choices every single day, many of them life changing. Do we choose responsibly? Ethically? Do we choose with compassion?

Climate crisis, migration crisis, unsustainable cities and polluted oceans. These phenomena didn't just happen - they are results of choices. Even if designers and decision makers aim to create sustainable products, efficient public services, safe systems and ambitious policies, things are not going the right way. Are we solving the wrong problems?

Change by Design 2019 was about choices we make every day. What power do we have to improve our surroundings? How can design, designers and design buyers be part of the solution to the all too well-known 21st century problems?


  • Jens Ulltveit-Moe, Head of the Board, Skift (former Norge 203040)
  • Clare Rodgers, CEO and CSO, IKEA Norway
  • Marius Holm, General Manager, Zero
  • Annette Groth, journalist and Brexit expert
  • Anne Beate Hovind, Project leader for Art, Bjørvika utvikling
  • An-Magritt Ryste, Program Manager Autonomy, Kongsberg Maritime
  • Tom Gabriel Johansen, Founder of InfoDesignLab
  • Kim N. Gabrielli, Excecutive Director, UN Global Compact Norway
  • Bjørnar Tretterud, Head of Sales and Marketing, Block Watne
  • Alexander Henriksen, Director for Innovation, Gyldendal
  • Nora Pincus, Ida Christine Opsahl Høydal and Julie Nyjordet Rossvoll, Designers Idean/BEKK
  • Camilla Stolp and Johnny Advocaat-Vedvik, Oslo University Hospital and EY Seren
  • Adrian Paulsen, Designer and Sturdio Manager, Public administration design, Halogen
  • Anna B. Milford and Jonathan Romm, NIBIO and Halogen
  • Thomas Bernhard Thiis-Evensen, philosophical practitioner
  • Michele Widerøe and Tor Åge Vorren, NODA and Røst kommunikasjon
  • Jan Fredrik Schønheyder, Designer PhD safety critical designs, Halogen
  • Kjell Terje Ringdal, Rhetorician and associate professor at Kristiania University College
  • Morten Krogvold, Photographic artist
  • Lillian Olsen, CEO, Halogen

The conference Change by Design is a celebration of modern design as a profession, craft and paradigm. The conference welcomes designers, entrepreneurs, business managers, politicians and everyone else who are curious about how design methodology can help decision makers develop products, services, processes, systems or enterprises for the future.

For more information, please contact:

Andreas Birger Johansen
Head of Communication
+47 90 60 34 96