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Andøya Space

Launching a combination of UX design and business innovation in three, two, one ...

Sending a satellite into space is a clear example of a safety critical operation. As in all our projects, we strive to balance the needs of humans with the abilities of new technology.

Halogen supports Andøya Space in developing their launch systems. Through thoroughly validated design methods, we make sure that what is essentially a very dangerous operation functions smoothly and efficiently.

"I have worked with control rooms for 40 years, and what you have proposed for us is brilliant!"

Ketil Olsen
Chief Operating Officer, Andøya Space

Business innovation in the space industry

Andøya Space has the ambition to become Europe's first space port for small satellites.

In addition, Andøya Space tries to establish a whole new business division that calls for high levels of innovation and design.

In the global space industry, there's no real precedent for how and what makes a company successful. Halogen is part of the team that develops the value propositions that will make Andøya Space a success.

"I think the combination of design and space is magical. Designers are experts in imagining new futures, and what could be better than doing exactly that in space?"

Lillian Olsen
CEO, Halogen

For more information, please contact

Leif Verdu-Isachsen
Head of Design and Deliverables

+47 90 91 99 21