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A service design project led Block Watne to completely change the way they think about sales. What used to be a sales process has become a buying process, based on the wishes and the requirements of the buyers.

Block Watne came to Halogen in need of a digital solution that could increase sales – a kind of lead generator. But a major insight project showed that increased sales leads were not the what the housing company was most in need of.

Thorough insights exposed pains

During the thorough insights phase, the designers explored the buying process both from Block Watne’s and the buyers’ perspectives. On the one hand, they obtained an overview of Block Watne’s internal requirements, limitations and challenges; on the other hand, customers shared their desires, needs, dreams and satisfaction levels.

The insights revealed that customer satisfaction sank after the deal was signed and the house delivered. This was especially critical as word-of-mouth is the second-most important source of information when choosing a builder.

Screenshot of the website with the steps in the buying process

New initiatives lead to improved satisfaction and increased sales

The service design project led to the concept dreaming – choosing - waiting – owning, originating in people’s experiences of buying a house. Instead of thinking “sales process”, Block Watne changed their perspective and started thinking “buying process”.

Together with Block Watne, Halogen’s designers developed several new initiatives. Some were implemented immediately, others will be developed further. One that was rapidly implemented was Boligbytte (Home exchange): A service where Block Watne buys your old house at the current market price, allowing you to remain there until your new house is completed. In this way, you don’t have to worry about housing prices dropping while your new house is being built and you’re waiting to sell your old home.

Block Watne web solution on mobile
Three screenshots of blockwatne.no on mobiles

About Block Watne

Block Watne is one of Norway's leading house providers, building approximately 1000 new dwellings every year. With a history going back more than 100 years, Block Watne is a highly renowned brand.

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Head of strategy and business development
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