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Halogen is proud to be supporting the research project FoodProFuture in understanding future consumers’ needs, exploring innovation possibilities and revealing market opportunities for plant-based foods.

By the year 2050, an additional 265 million tons of protein will be needed each year to feed the world’s growing population. In addition to producing enough food, the food production needs to be sustainable. Increased use of plant-based proteins, based on a resource-effective primary production with low environmental impacts, is one promising solution.

FoodProFuture is a large Norwegian research project that aims to develop a knowledge platform for turning raw materials from plants into tasty, healthy and attractive food products full of protein. The purpose of the research is to enable the Norwegian agriculture and food industry to produce high quality and sustainable plant-based alternative food products.

Bringing collaborators together by design

Halogen supports work package 5 of FoodProFuture. The goal is to understand the attitudes, barriers and needs of consumers, industry, retailers, and food service providers, in relation to increased consumption and sales of plant-based food.

By using design thinking methodology, Halogen facilitates collaborations using co-creation and other innovation techniques for sustainable food production. This is a new collaboration approach for research projects.

– I would describe our collaboration as professional, structured, clear in communication, engaging, involving and fun, says Dr. Antje Gonera of the FoodProFuture project.

She claims the designers contribute to research being translated into realistic innovation opportunities.

– The designers contribute to the research in a fashion that improves cooperation across disciplinary boundaries. Halogen’s facilitation of workshops, visualisations and development of prototypes makes our research more cross-disciplinary, interactive and tangible.

"A knowledge platform for turning raw materials from plants into tasty, healthy and attractive food products full of protein"

Dystopia, utopia and beyond

By building scenarios through co-creative workshops, Halogen develops plans, visualizations and prototypes that support the project to provide a path for accelerating adaptation and value creation of sustainable future food products.

The four scenarios described in the project are shown in the illustration below. You can read more about them in the report Four Plausible Futures of Food, published in May 2020.

Figure 1: Matrix of the four possible FPF scenarios Source: FoodProFuture / WP5

Partners in the project

Academic partners: NMBU, Nofima, NIBIO, Østfoldforskning, NTNU, SIFO, NLR, SP (SE), JTI (SE), LUKE (FI), VTT (FI), CSGA (F), UFT (BG), AgriAnalyse.

Industry and NGOs: Orkla Foods, HOFF, Mills, Gartnerhallen, BAMA, AM Nutrition, Halogen, Hozokawa (DE), Norsk Matraps SA, Borregaard, Skala AS

The project is funded by the NRC BIONÆR program project # 267858.

Readmore at https://foodprofuture.no/

For more information, please contact

Leif Verdu-Isachsen
Head of Design and Deliveries
+47 90 91 99 21