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A better everyday for parents and children alike

Foreldrehverdag.no (Everyday Parenting) helps parents to understand their children better. On the basis of experience and service design, the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) has reached one third of all Norwegian families with children.

No two families with children are alike. So how do you communicate with all of them at once? Together with Halogen, Bufdir has managed to achieve just that with its programme Foreldrehverdag.no.

By means of several short films, practical exercises and texts that adopt a more thorough approach, Foreldrehverdag.no meets the varying needs of different parents. All the content is based on good storytelling and takes the child’s perspective.

The programme aims to motivate parents to gain new knowledge and useful tools. The target group is all parents with children between 0 and 18 years old, without special needs.

In three months, the website got 240,000 unique users, who spent an average 2,5 minutes on the sites.

Continuous insight and testing

In conjunction with Bufdir, Halogen interviewed parents and advisors from Bufdir’s existing courses. The designers performed participatory observations during parental guidance sessions and also facilitated several workshops together with Bufdir employees working on the parental guidance programme. This first phase ended in a concept plan where the digital solution was developed.

User testing would prove to be essential for the service’s success. Qualitative in-depth interviews, quantitative surveys, and user tests throughout the process gave the project group valuable knowledge of how the service and content should be designed.

For more information, please contact

Leif Verdu-Isachsen
Head of Design and Deliverables

+47 90 91 99 21