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Halogen develops a new service to support companies to use a systemic approach to solve difficult challenges and implement large changes.

The project is supported by Innovation Norway and aims to support private and public organizations to handle their complex, systemic challenges in times of great transformations.

Halogen aims to develop a clear and understandable method consisting of three parts:

  1. Systematic collection of insight to establish a robust foundation of knowledge and experience.

  2. Method to transform insight into systemic action, for example to adjust the business model, or influence local ecosystems, or target development towards commercial or societal sectors.

  3. Practical experience with creating value based on findings and learning from the project.

Increased precision with future-oriented and sustainable solution

A systems oriented approach to problems helps the client understand the situation and the context even better, and ensures that we solve the right problem and increases the accuracy of the delivery.

Our clients report more precise descriptions of the problem and corresponding solutions, more satisfied customers and increased sales.

The service we develop should help corporations transform towards sustainable development. We use the UN’s 17 interconnected Sustainable Development Goals as a foundation for our work. The UN writes that “Transitioning towards more sustainable and resilient societies also requires an integrated approach that recognizes that these challenges—and their solutions—are interrelated.”

Halogen is a member of UN Global Compact Norway.

Systemic change requires time

A systemic approach reveals relationships and connections between relevant parts, and lets us see which actions can hinder negative and promote positive effects.

In our experience, actions to improve a situation will always include unwanted and potentially negative effects.

This is why we design and iterate solutions in continuous dialogue about exploration and learning with users and stakeholders.

A systemic approach is more suitable to solve complex problems than a traditional quick fix.

What is new?

At Halogen, we have experienced an increased interest in services and tools to facilitate systemic change.

Together with a number of clients, our methods and solutions have resulted in positive effects for organizational change and new development.

Our key projects using systemic design to solve complex challenges include control rooms for Equinor and the digital twin and remote operations for Kongsberg Digital, as well as a number of innovation projects in the public sector. A number of the projects have been funded by Stimulab.

The goal of our work is to create synergies between different disciplines and traditions, including systems oriented design, service design, business development, forecasting and transformational leadership.

The project started in May 2020 and will be completed in May 2021.

For more information, please contact

Leif Verdu-Isachsen
+47 90 91 99 21