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We're happy to share our design competence

We offer inspirational talks, ready-to-go workshops, tailored courses and comprehensive innovation programs.

At Halogen we love to push the boundaries of the design field - both in design projects and academically. Several of our designers are ph.d.-degree holders, and many have long experience with teaching and communicating their design competency.

We are happy to share our knowledge.

Service design for the private and public sectors

We offer engaging presentations, interactive workshops and long-term innovation programs to support organisations to develop and implement new knowledge.

NODA til tjeneste (Noda at your service) is a comprehensive service design program we developed in collaboration with the client. The aim of the program was to support leaders in the public sector to use service design to develop relevant and appropriate services for their communities.

Systems oriented design

By exploring connections and the big picture of comprehensive systems, systems oriented design helps us to understand complex challenges and make good decisions.

Together with the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) we have developed an innovation program using systems oriented design as a tool. This is the first such program in Norway.

The innovation program covers a series of modules where participants work in groups to map a relevant challenge. In parallel the participants receive supervision, lectures and possibilities to test new methodologies.

Read more about our systems oriented design program.

Digital and hybrid workshops

We offer most courses and workshops online, or as a combination of digital and physical meetings.

We have the tools and the experience to make sure that digital workshops work well, and we make sure that all participants have the necessary tools to benefit from the workshops

For more information, please contact

Leif Verdu-Isachsen
+47 90 91 99 21