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A new user interface enables offshore personnel to spend less time operating complex technical systems and more time on seafaring activities.

Most offshore operations are complex by nature. They are high risk and often conducted in difficult weather conditions with low visibility. SpotTrack is a laser-based system providing relative measurements of distance, which are used to keep vessels stationary. Halogen developed SpotTrack’s interaction design, also known as the user interface. The goal was to simplify the user’s tasks significantly by eliminating unnecessary processes and by reducing the number of choices and screens the operator must relate to. The most important improvement was to facilitate use of the systems, enabling offshore personnel to spend less operating technically challenging equipment and more time on seafaring activities. In this way, their working lives at sea are made easier, more stable and, not least, safer.

Two operators on a ship's bridge
Photo: Kongsberg Maritime

Halogen conducted a thorough insight project, in the course of which our activities included travelling offshore with Kongsberg Seatex to make observations, conduct interviews and perform tests. The product’s innovative solutions are a result of a collaboration between Halogen and Kongsberg Seatex, during which the designers and the product development team challenged each other. Jointly we advanced the solutions by a further step and created new concepts for existing technology.

About Kongsberg Seatex

Kongsberg Seatex is a leading, international maritime electronics producer. Kongsberg Seatex delivers products and solutions for safe navigation and operations for the commercial offshore, maritime, hydrographical and defence industries. The company specialises in the development and production of precision positioning and movement sensitive systems.

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