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Only the elderly can explain what is important in their lives

“Care reform for the elderly, originating where lives are lived” is how the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services describes Live Your Whole Life (Leve hele livet). A thorough insight project, based on service design principles, produced first-hand information obtained directly from the users.

Halogen’s designers, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Care Services, hosted five dialogue sessions which generated more than 2500 suggestions. The sessions, which took place at five different locations throughout Norway, numbered between 80 and 150 participants. The input came from elderly citizens, dependents, health and care sector employees, politicians and voluntary sector workers.

Hand with idea card
Photo: Sverre Chr. Jarild
Five women discussing at a workshop table
Photo: Morten Brakestad

Involving the elderly in the planning of tomorrow's senior-friendly society is an important part of the strategy. Only the elderly can tell us what is important to them.

Line Miriam Sandberg
State Secretary

The dialogue sessions were conducted using workshop methodology. The participants worked in groups on different subjects and then shared their input in plenum. All input was collated and analysed, before being summarised in reports for each session. The different reports were then gathered in a main report, now a part of the knowledge base for implementing the new quality reform Live Your Whole Life.

The minister and state secretary discussing at a table
Minister of Health Bent Høie and State Secretary Lisbeth Normann at one of the workshops. Photo: Sverre Chr. Jarild

We travelled all around the country and spoke with the elderly and their dependents, professionals and volunteers, and with the municipal employees involved.

Line Miriam Sandberg
State Secretary

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Head of Design and Deliveries
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