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Nittedal municipality used design methods to find new ways to provide inhabitants with sustainable and flexible alternatives to driving their own cars.

The people of Nittedal are well versed in using trains and buses to travel out of the municipality. But within the valley, the routes are sparse, and many use their private cars to pursue leisure activities.

Through the project Perpetuum mobile - Travel. Now, funded through Stimulab, Nittedal municipality supports people to use electric bikes or electric cars instead of the existing car pool to travel locally.

In addition, the project has resulted in a network of services for sharing cars and bikes.

If the people of Nittedal continue and expand their use of shared, electric vehicles, the results will impact the local community in several ways, including better quality of life, reduced space for parking, reduced energy consumption, and reduced CO2 emissions.

Service design to understand the big picture and find new ideas

The project group consisted of representatives from Nittedal municipality, advisors from Rambøll and designers from Halogen. The initial, big picture overview showed that the trips to and from leisure activities are often quite short. These short trips can be done with electric bikes or similar lightweight transportation methods.

Supporting an entire community to change their behavior is very demanding. In the second part of the project, the project group generated a detailed understanding of the inhabitants individual needs for mobility, and created a rich overview of the possibilities.

A small group of inhabitants were invited to join an idea workshop together with the representatives from the municipality. We also invited the inhabitants to a seminar where external companies presented innovative solutions to local transport and mobility. The group then developed a number of ideas together, and all the ideas were collected as a small database.

The project group used the database to generate recommendations for initiatives for public transport, physical mobility and collaboration between different service providers.

Strengthened competency in the municipality

Perpetuum mobile is funded through Stimulab, and a central goal of the initiative is to support the public sector to learn about and use innovative methods to solve user needs.

Since the representatives from Nittedal municipality were deeply involved in the project, they got hands-on experience with service design as a practical and user-centered way to facilitate regional development.

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