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From data jungle to full overview

Improved design system and visualization gives users a full overview of financial transactions.

Baymarkets is developing and operating the clearing system Clara, which their customers use to monitor and calculate the risk of settlement of shares, derivatives, and securities traded on the stock exchange.

In short, Baymarkets' customers ensure that those who trade shares, securities, and so on, for themselves or on behalf of others, have provided sufficient financial security when the bill is to be settled. The application Clara ensures that you can have solid control of all this at any time.

Clara was developed 10 years ago and had changed little in appearance. The application, therefore, greatly needed a redesign that would, to a greater extent, help users to understand the vast amounts of numbers and data contained in the application.

The new interface prioritizes the information and presents it more clearly to the users. Illustration: Baymarkets/Halogen

Better overview and monitoring of risks

Halogen was hired to redesign parts of the application and lay the foundation for a design system that gives users both an overview and support to make the right choices, rather than being presented with large amounts of numbers they themselves must interpret the meaning of. The goal was that users should not have to spend time and capacity to find and interpret information, but simply get an overview so that they could use their energy to make good and correct decisions.

Together with Baymarkets, we defined the key tasks that users need to solve in different scenarios. In addition, we took on the major role of mapping out connections within the figures to create a basis for new ways of visualizing. Through rapid iterations, we designed prototypes and screens with close dialogue with the customer, and we received input directly from end users of the system.

A step towards a new and better product

Baymarkets was extremely pleased. In addition to the parts of the application that we redesigned, they experienced that the project opened up for other types of discussions and priorities, in addition to a more user-oriented and task-focused approach to the further development of the product. The end users reported that the new guidance gave them a better overview and that it became more intuitive to find the right information at the right time.

In addition to shaping a good user experience for existing customers, this work will also be important in sales processes with new customers and markets.

For us at Halogen, it was an exciting challenge to work in an industry we were not familiar with before, and to dig into complex figures to find effective and intuitive ways to visualize rich information.

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