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SiO Health Services wanted to satisfy their patients’ needs in a better way, and they wished to explore the opportunities that digitalisation of their services could bring. The result is an improved working day for the employees and greater patient satisfaction.

“Patient-centred care” is the mantra of an extensive service design project Halogen conducted in cooperation with SiO Health Services. SiO Health Services is the health department of the Student Welfare Organisation of Oslo and Akershus. The project resulted in changed internal routines, the re-building of the organisation’s premises, and the implementation of new communication tools.

Illustration of elements included in information system
Illustration: Halogen

Improved services through digitalisation

The project’s starting point was the desire of SiO Health Services to develop digital service concepts that promote patient interaction.

Research showed that patients were more satisfied with the services, but it also revealed SiO Health Services to be inaccessible and rather inflexible, both prior to and following examinations or treatments. The organisation therefore wished to use digitalisation to improve services across different areas and meet students’ needs in a better way. The goal was a more user-centred approach throughout the service delivery.

There were three project goals:

    • Establish and secure commitment for a common holistic understanding
    • Raise awareness and promote ownership among employees
    • Increase knowledge of the new strategy and the new services

With insight, knowledge and wisdom, Halogen has guided us through complex processes where we easily could have got stuck

Torkel Lappegård
Group Director for ICT and business development, SIO Health Services

Co-creation processes in a complex organisation

SiO Health Services is a highly complex organisation, with a wide-reaching mandate, operating in a complicated landscape of stakeholders. Yet service design methodology can make this type of complexity manageable. The crucial factors for achieving good results and progress are user (patient/student) involvement and employee motivation.

Halogen’s designers organised the project in four phases. Firstly, an extensive insight phase with a high degree of participation by both patients and employees. The insight project gave SiO Health Services a better understanding of how the students experience the current services – and how the employees experience the situation. The next two phases consisted of idea and concept development, while the final phase consisted of the project team specifying and designing the desired future service.

Scetch of concept for SIO Health Culture
Illustration: Halogen
Scetch of concept for waiting room
Illustration: Halogen
Text: Left impression
Illustration: Halogen

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Head of Sales and Digital
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